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When I was just a young, moustachiod man, my parents recorded this video of me.  I had just had dental surgery (which was particularly nerve-racking, considering how close the surgeon came to my most defining characteristic). Afterwards, I was still suffering the effects of the anesthesia (read “high as a kite”) and my mother took this video of my incoherent babbling. On the one hand, I am terribly embarrassed by my behavoir in this video, but on the other hand, this is the clip that launched me to internet-celebrity fame.  So, in the end, I guess the shameless exploitation paid off.

I am re-releasing this video as part of my month long campaign to raise much needed funds for 826DC. Click here to donate. With your help, I’ve raised $1500 in the first two weeks. I hope to double that by the month’s end.

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